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The Importance of a Full Service History (FSH)

The best way to ensure that you keep your car working as it should do is to get it serviced regularly. By not having the oil changed or by continuing to use the vehicle with low fluid levels will quite often lead to serious engine damage.

A lack of servicing can also see a deterioration in the performance of the vehicle. Your fuel economy can suffer, problems with the general day-to-day running and even dashboard warning lights can start to appear.

What benefits are there by having a regular service?

Look after your car and it will look after you! It might be a corny saying but it’s true. By having your car serviced regularly you will gain the following benefits:

  • Increased fuel-efficiency
  • Better handling
  • Improved braking
  • A smoother engine

During a service, potential problems and faults can be identified and fixed. This makes the car more reliable and less likely to breakdown (leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere!).

However, one of the most important benefits of making sure your car is serviced on a regular basis, and that you keep your service book up-to-date, is that when you come to sell your car it provides a potential buyer with a Full Service History.

What is a Full Service History?

Many of us would have seen the acronym ‘FSH’ when looking through a vehicle’s description in a classified advert. It stands for Full Service History and means that the vehicle comes with a collection of receipts and invoices proving what work has been carried out and when.

The manufacturers’ original Service Book, supplied when the car was new, should also be present. This should have been stamped, dated and the mileage recorded every time a service was carried out.

Why is a Full Service History so important?

Over time your car loses value, known as depreciation, it is the biggest cost associated with your vehicle, quite often more than the insurance, road tax or even the fuel. By having a Full Service History you could add hundreds of pounds to the selling price. A recent survey also showed that one-in-three buyers would not entertain buying a used car without a Full Service History.

Giving a car buyer confidence?

When a potential buyer sees that a car has a full paper trail proving its history it reassures them about a number of aspects:

  • It shows that the car has been loved and generally well cared for
  • It verifies that the mileage is accurate
  • It proves that the car was serviced regularly as per the manufacturers’ schedule
  • It indicates what parts have been replaced and when
  • It tells you which garage carried out the work

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