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New year resolution #1 – Keep you and your car healthy in 2017

As December finally comes to a close & the realisation that Christmas is over and 2017 is about to begin, most peoples thoughts turn to making those all-important New Year’s resolutions.

For most of us it’s normally about trying to be more health conscience, eating & drinking less, exercising more, losing weight and generally trying to get in shape.

However this year maybe you should consider adding another resolution to your list – making sure your vehicle also stays in shape!

Much like a health plan for your body, a maintenance regime for your car will not only make your life easier and happier but could also save you money.

Here are DCS Bristol’s top tips for keeping you and your car fit and healthy in 2017.

Regular Servicing

We’ve all done it, we know our car is due for a service, but what with the cost of Christmas we just kept putting it off. Up to half of breakdown faults found by the AA on call-outs could have been prevented by regular servicing.

Make getting your car serviced a priority in 2017. Look at it as an investment for preventing bigger more expensive repairs in the future.

Make 2017 more relaxing

Quite apart from the stress it can cause your body, being an aggressive driver actually costs you more money. Driving aggressively normally means you speedup and slow down more, increasing your fuel consumption by up to 35%.

Slowing down, allowing more time for your journey and planning your route will not only save you money but will also make you a safer driver. Be a less aggressive driver and relax behind the wheel in 2017.

Check your tyres

Fluctuations in the outside temperature causes the pressure in your tyres to either reduce or increase. If the pressure is too low the tyre makes too much contact with the road, over-heats and can cause a blow-out. If the tyre is overinflated it can cause lack of traction and make you more likely to lose control or spin your vehicle.

Quite apart from the dangers, incorrectly inflated tyres wear out quicker and are less fuel-efficient. You wouldn’t dream of going out without wearing the
appropriate footwear so treat a car journey the same way. Make 2017 the year that you check your tyres regularly, we recommend at least once a month.

Get your fluids right

Much in the same way you need to keep your fluid levels correct and stay properly hydrated after a visit to the gym, your car’s fluids also need to be right for it to stay healthy. Set yourself a monthly reminder to check the following:

  • Oil levels
  • Coolant and radiator levels
  • Brake fluid levels
  • Clutch fluids levels
  • Windscreen washer levels

Keeping your car’s fluids topped-up to the correct levels will make sure your car stays in the best possible health. It only takes five minutes and if you need
guidance refer to your owner’s manual.

Make 2017 the year you not only keep yourself in tip-top condition but also your car.

If you book in your vehicle with us during January 2017 we will give your car a fully comprehensive New Year Health & Fitness Check… absolutely FREE*!

Call DCS Bristol Ltd today for an appointment on 0117 972 4343 or email info@dcsbristol.co.uk.

*Offer only available to vehicles booked in during January 2017. Subject to

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