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Make sure your car’s air con doesn’t let you down

We have already seen the driest June on record and forecasters are predicting the scorching weather will continue across the UK well in to July.

For most of us this is great news, out come our deck chairs, beach towels and BBQs. However, 30-degree heat is not so much fun if you’re travelling in your car, stuck in traffic and your air conditioning decides to let you down!

Far from being a luxury reserved only for high-end, high spec vehicles, these days air conditioning or climate control can be found in most modern cars.

So, what are the most common tell-tale signs to look out for that your car’s aircon is about to make you hot under the collar?

No cold airflow

There simply being no air con is probably the most obvious sign something is wrong. If you are not getting cold air flow, or indeed the air flow is warm then you almost certainly have a problem with your HVAC system.

The fault could be caused by a number of reasons such as clogged filters or vents, lack of refrigerant, or damaged cooling fans.

Air conditioning takes a long time to run cool

If your air con does work but seems to take forever to get going this is almost certainly due to a low refrigerant level. Running your air con with insufficient refrigerant will put a lot of strain on your A/C System and could lead to permanent damage.

Odd noises

The second easiest indication all is not well with your AC is if the system starts to make strange sounds. If when you turn on your air condition or climate control you start to hear tapping, rattling, banging or worse then there is definitely something wrong.

It could be as simple as leaves trapped in your fan unit or as major as a worn component within the air con system itself. Either way simply ignoring it could lead to the air condition failing completely.

Water puddles or stains inside your vehicle

When your AC has been running for a while you may well see a pool of water underneath your car, this is completely normal and a sign your air con is working correctly. If instead you see pools of water or water staining inside your car then you may well have a problem with your air conditioning system.

As one of the jobs your air con also does is to dehumidify the air inside the vehicle it will pull moisture from the air and drain it to the outside of your car. However, if the drain pipe becomes damaged or blocked it will cause the water to back up and flow into your vehicle itself. Typically, you will see water stains or puddles on or near the front floor mats.

Foul odours and bad smells

If when you turn on your air conditioning or climate control an unpleasant smell is detected then this is a major warning sign that you have mould growing within the A/C system. For health reasons this issue needs to be addressed immediately. Inhaling air from a mould contaminated air conditioning unit can lead to respiratory problems and other health issues for both you and your passengers.

Fear not DCS Bristol Ltd can help

Regardless of your air conditioning issues we can help. We have invested heavily in the latest state of the art equipment and are able to provide our customers with a complete AC diagnostic, testing, repair, servicing and recharging service.

From cars to light commercial vehicles, whether they require R134A (older type) or R1234YF (newer type) refrigerant we can help.

So, don’t get caught out in this year’s heatwave call DCS Bristol today for an appointment on 0117 972 4343 or email info@dcsbristol.co.uk.

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