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Love your car this Valentines Day

As the month of February reaches its halfway point, and the January blues start to fade, some people’s thoughts turn to the subject of love. That’s right it will soon be Valentines Day! Whether it’s chocolates, flowers or a romantic meal out it’s the time of year to show that special someone in your life, just how much they mean to you. It’s a chance to show your better half that you don’t take them for granted, and demonstrate how much you care.

Like any successful relationship you get out of it what you put in, look after them and they will look after you – much like that other great love of people’s life’s – their car! So this year why not extend that Valentines feeling and make your car feel special?

Treat your car to a Spa Day

When you and your car go out together it’s nice to feel proud of it. You don’t want to drive around with the bodywork all dirty and grubby. You want it to look and feel beautiful, if it doesn’t it also reflects badly on you. So why not make it look and feel like the day you first met? Treat it to a day at the local car wash where things could get steamy! Make sure it gets pampered and if you really want to push the boat out treat it to a hot wax.

Make your car feel good on the inside too!

We all like our car to have tidy bodywork but looking beautiful on the outside is not everything – it’s what they are like on the inside that is really important. So this year make your car feel special and spend a few hours cleaning the inside – after all it’s where you spend the most time with your car. Get really hands-on, dust, scrub, vacuum and get rid of any rubbish. Then as an extra special treat buy a new air freshener or some sexy new seat covers.

Get back that loving feeling

You’ve been with your car for a while now, but you just don’t get the same buzz you did in the early days when you first got together. Try changing that and see if you can rekindle that loving feeling you had when you first met. Spend some quality time together, just the two of you, go for a romantic drive, park up and watch the sunset and listen to some tunes together. Learn to re-appreciate just how great your car is and how much it means to you.

A problem shared…

In any relationship there can be potential problems, but dealing with these problems early can stop them turning in to disasters. If you want to show your car you really care, take time out and make these simple checks. Check the oil, anti-freeze, brake and water levels. Make sure the windscreen fluid is topped up, that the tyres are properly inflated and have the proper amount of tread. Quite often it’s the little things in a relationship that make all the difference.

Take your car on a special date to DCS Bristol Ltd

If you truly want to show your car just how much you love it book it in for a very special date with DCS Bristol. Your car will be treated like royalty, checked over with all the latest diagnostic equipment and finally serviced to main dealer standards. Putting your car in the hands of highly skilled professionals is the ultimate Valentines gift for your car – and will ensure you both enjoy a long and beautiful relationship for many years to come.

Call DCS Bristol Ltd today for an appointment on 0117 972 4343 or email info@dcsbristol.co.uk.

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