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The complete diesel check-list

Our procedures are painstaking and we may have to work on a vehicle all day and maybe into the next day. In the unlikely event that not all these repairs are required we would not carry them out and adjust our quotation accordingly.

  1. Carry out a diagnostics test for comparison with mechanical, electronic and on board diagnosis following permanent repairs including high pressure pump.
  2. Remove engine covers and any other items that need to be removed to gain access to the injectors.
  3. Remove the carbon build up around the injectors. We do this by chipping away and vacuuming the debris.
  4. Remove the diesel return pipe, connect the diesel leak off test kit and test all injectors for diesel leak off and advise customer of the test findings.
  5. Remove the injector bolts & injectors, even if the injectors are seized, repair any damaged injector bolt threads in cylinder head.
  6. Clean the remainder of the carbon from the cylinder head/cam cover.
  7. Re-cut the injector seats in the cylinder head using specialist tools
  8. Coat our replacement rebuilt injectors with ceramic grease, fit new copper sealing washers and refit with new stretch bolts
  9. Connect diesel pipes and electrical connections replacing as required.
  10. Start the engine and test injector sealing washers
  11. Re-fit covers
  12. Replace low pressure fuel pipes adjacent to engine with genuine pipes and connections.
  13. Re set ECU to appropriate settings to accommodate corrected mechanics, the ECU having compensated for failing injectors
  14. Re run for comparison mechanical, electronic and on board diagnostics tests including high pressure pump.
  15. Road Test, our fitters are insured to do so but vehicle needs to be taxed
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