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Bristol’s common rail diesel specialists


DCS has been at the forefront of diesel diagnostics and repair in Bristol since 2008.

And with our new partnership with Delphi and one of Europe’s largest suppliers of diesel components, we now believe we are THE ONLY real alternative to the other so called specialists in the Bristol area.

We have invested heavily during 2011 and now have a dedicated, standalone diesel repair workshop and clean room from which we are able to offer a comprehensive diesel injector test and repair service operating to the highest standards.

Most of todays common rail injectors and fuel pumps need to be coded to the vehicle so that they run with maximum efficiency, giving you maximum performance and economy. At DCS we have the technology to be able to talk to your cars onboard computer systems, enabling us to do the job right first time to the highest standard.

Piezo Crystal Injectors

Most vehicles on the road today run injectors made by Bosch or Delphi, in most cases these are reconditionable. However, some run Piezo Crystal Injectors. Nobody can yet repair these as they are so complex. At DCS however, we do have the ability to test them and give you an honest report on their condition and efficiency. If one is found to be faulty we can offer you a competitive quote to supply a new one or if necessary a new set, still saving you £££’s over the main dealer price.

Diesel Servicing

At DCS we understand diesel engines better than most.

We can tailor your diesel vehicles service plan to suit both your pocket and your driving style.

Did you know that just by replacing the fuel filter at EVERY service you can not only save thousands of pounds on expensive repair bills to your cars diesel injection system but also maintain maximum fuel economy. A fact missed by most other garages.

Diesel Myths & Bio Diesel

There are many myths surrounding the use of alternatives to diesel fuel available from the pump.

Our advice on fuel is simple – If it doesn’t come from a proper EN590 diesel pump – DON’T USE IT!

This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at the amount of destroyed systems we see through use of the wrong fuel.

If you accidentally fill your vehicle with petrol. It is not ok to just top it up with diesel and carry on your journey. DON’T START THE VEHICLE, call DCS immediately and we’ll arrange collection of your vehicle and a drain down of your fuel tank. Yes this will hurt your pocket in the short term (we don’t charge as much as our competitors), your ego may be dented, but your vehicle wont suffer any long term, very expensive damage.

We have a ramp for commercial vehicles up to 5 tonnes and look after many fleets for businesses in the South West. For more info on fleet maintenance please contact us.

We have the passion to fix your car right the first time, without costing the earth.

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