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Beware of “Diesel Black Death”

Symptoms & Cause of Diesel Engine Problems

A common fault where the sealing washer between the injector and the cylinder head leaks resulting in exhaust gases escaping past the injector and forming a carbon deposit and damaged seal seats.

We have developed a technique and special tools enabling us to remove the seized injectors, and re cut the seal seats ready for new injector seals without the cost of removing the cylinder head and fit reconditioned injectors if required.

Poor Starting, Non Starting-High Fuel Consumption, Low Power, White Smokey Exhaust, Black Smokey Exhaust or a Smokey Engine Bay.

Engine Starting and cutting out, Uneven engine idle or running, Incorrect fitting of replacement injectors and Seized Injectors.

Common faults when injectors not replaced or poor quality renovated units used.
We replace the damaged units with high quality reconditioned units, even when seized without removing the cylinder head.

Incorrect Fuelling

A common error, when the engine has been run using petrol, damaging injectors and the high pressure diesel fuel pump.

We remove the damaged units, even when seized without removing the cylinder head and replace with high quality reconditioned units.

If you have concerns about your diesel engine contact DCS Bristol or book in online to see us.

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